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7 Features That Set PermaBase® Apart From Other Cement Boards

PermaBase® brings the finest in construction products for Interior and Exterior applications ­­­– matching for most any project.

With a vast range of products that comprise high quality, easy application and cost-effectiveness, PermaBase® provides the best rigid substrate ideal for almost any project for both Interior & Exterior application. PermaBase® Cement Board is a combination of Portland cement, and fiberglass mesh that create a durable surface with an exceptional resistance to a prolonged moisture exposure.

7 Features that set PermaBase® Cement Board apart from other cement boards:

  1.  Lifetime Limited Warranty on PermaBase® Interior Applications
  2. 15-Year Limited Warranty on PermaBase® Exterior Applications
  3. Smooth finish and has no open edges that reduces hand chafing
  4. Will NOT rot, disintegrate or swell when exposed to water
  5. Patented EdgeTech® Technology which allows closer nail or screw application
  6. Exceptional moisture resistance
  7. Extremely durable and dimensional stable

Perfect Solution for any Application

PermaBase® Cement Board works well as an underlayment for tub and shower surrounds, countertops, flooring and a variety of other interior and exterior applications.

PermaBase INTERIOR Applications

Floor Underlayment

An ideal solution for flooring installations. Doesn’t break down, expand or warp when exposed to water. PermaBase®  Board is also great for giving your home a new look, replacing old, cracked tile floor, or other types of flooring, for a new one.


PermaBase® provides an astonishing finish for your bathroom project. This solution is resistant to moisture and mold, perfect for high humidity environment of a bathroom and wetroom.


Whether it is for tiling, flooring projects or countertop applications, PermaBase® delivers the best result in strong and longer-lasting backer boards to support every detail of a dream kitchen project.


Make the fireplace an elegant centrepiece of your house with sculpted-looking designs. Whether it is wood-grain ceramic tiles or large thin tiles, PermaBase® provides the best cement board solution for a base of fireplace.

PermaBase EXTERIOR Applications

Masonry Veneer

Combine the strength and durability of PermaBase® with the popular beauty of stone and thin brick veneers. Masonry Veneer Wall System offers the ability to incorporate an effective water management system.


PermaBase® DEK Roof Board is lightweight, easy to cut and fasten, and very durable in the presence of moisture. This solution covers the entire spectrum of commercial roofing applications.

Exterior Foundation Walls

Often used as a substrate for exterior wall systems, PermaBase® Cement Board helps to protect the insulation from moisture and exposure to the soil. It is also an energy-saving solution.

Architectural Coatings

Allowing positive drainage of any incidental moisture, PermaBase® system eliminates any chance for water penetration in the wall. This is a weather-resistant finish that you can rely on.

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