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Key Benefits for Waterproofing Commercial Properties

When it comes to commercial properties, it is important to ensure they are maintained to a high standard in order to reduce any potential long-term damage. A critical element for protecting buildings and preserving structural defects is waterproofing the property.

Poor waterproofing can result in a number of issues such as safety issues, reduction in property value and may even lead to unfitness for occupation.

The good news is that if caught early, any waterproofing issues can be resolved without any permanent damage to the building. However, you can also minimise the chances of any potential issues by installing waterproofing in the property before problems arise.

Key Benefits of Waterproofing Commercial Properties

In order to minimise any waterproofing issues, it is important to ensure that you are proactive and waterproof the building before any problems occur. There are many benefits of waterproofing a commercial building, such as:

  • Protects the structural integrity of the building
  • Prevents water leakages from the ceiling and walls
  • Prevents metals from rusting and wooden furniture from rot
  • Reduces humidity inside the building, etc.
  • Prevents the growth of mould and mildew
  • Increases the value of the property

In addition to these benefits, effectively waterproofing a building will prolong the lifespan of the property as it limits the ways in which water or moisture can enter through the walls, ceiling or floor. It will also ensure a healthy environment for those living or working in the building, safeguarding the property as well as those in it.

Why is Waterproofing Essential for Commercial Properties?

In Northern Ireland, we tend to experience a lot of rainfall which means that buildings are constantly exposed to wet conditions. Therefore, waterproofing is essential for commercial properties. Buildings may experience waterproofing failure for a number of reasons such as:

1. Higher Level Issues

This is common in multilevel buildings as higher floors can cause waterproofing issues. Top floor levels may experience problems from rainwater puddles forming on the roof, particularly on flat roofs which collect excessive rain. This results in leaks that will ultimately damage the structure of the building.

2. Lack of Maintenance

It is vital that roofs are regularly checked as this will provide the opportunity to catch problems early and avoid any significant issues. Even issues such as tiny leaks and cracks should be dealt with immediately so as to avoid any major problems. We would also recommend maintaining seals on windows, doors and walls as taking a proactive approach will help you minimise the possibility of major problems occurring.

3. Choosing Wrong Waterproofing Membrane

Finally, choosing the wrong waterproofing membrane can also result in problems. When choosing a waterproofing system, you should consider the flexibility of the membrane so as to allow for building movements as well as its resistance to UV, chemicals and green applications, such as green roofs. >> What are Benefits of a Green Roof? What Problems do Green Roofs Solve?


Ultimately, all commercial buildings should have an effective waterproofing system and maintenance plan in place. This will ensure that the building has a longer life span and minimises the chance of experiencing any water or moisture related issues.  Contact us today and find out how we can help you waterproof your commercial building.