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What are Benefits of a Green Roof? What Problems do Green Roofs Solve?

In recent years, green roofs have grown in popularity with more people choosing to install this feature on their homes and buildings.

In particular, we have seen more green roofs being installed across Northern Ireland on homes and buildings. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, green roofs have a number of benefits including environmental, ecological and financial; making them a great addition to any property.

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What is a Green Roof?

Unlike other forms of roofing, green roofs are covered in vegetation, therefore allowing property owners to make use of a neglected space without disrupting the urban infrastructure. Two types of green roofs exist, intensive and extensive. Intensive green roofs can best be described as elevated parks, containing trees, walkways and benches which require complex structural support. In contrast, extensive green roofs are relatively light and require little maintenance as their main purpose is to provide environmental benefits, rather than becoming an accessible rooftop garden.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Installing a green roof brings with it a number of benefits, making it a fantastic investment for any property. Here are some of the environmental and financial advantages of installing a green roof:

1 Improves Air Quality

Green roofs are recognised as playing a positive role in improving air quality as they contribute to the reduction of polluting air particles. The plants will reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce higher levels of oxygen. Additionally, as the green roof absorbs polluting particles, they won’t enter the water system; therefore, improving water quality.

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2 Storm Water Management

One of the main benefits of green roofs is their ability to mitigate storm water runoff. Green roofs reduce and slow water from rain-fall as they retain any water before naturally releasing it back into the environment. This will contribute towards a building sustainable drainage system and will reduce the risk of flooding and pollution in urban areas.

3 Reduces Ambient Temperature

As plants absorb sunlight, your green roof will absorb heat instead of attracting it, which can lower the demand for air conditioning. This will also have a positive effect on the climate in the area surrounding your building and will ultimately help to reduce the temperature in the city.

4 Longer Lasting

Green roofs will protect any original roofing material from external factors such as severe rainfall, high winds or temperature fluctuations. This will extend the lifespan of your roof up to 60 years or longer, meaning you are likely to cover the costs of your green roof within 8 to 21 years.

5 Reduces Energy Costs

Finally, a major benefit for homeowners is that having a green roof provides excellent insulation in the colder months. The natural insulation will mean you need to use less home heating, which will reduce energy costs.

It is clear to see that green roofs are a worthy investment for any property owner and will provide a number of benefits in addition to solving a number of problems from sustainable drainage systems to high energy costs.

 Regardless of your green roofing needs, 4Front Building Products can assist you when making the important decision of investing in a green roof for your property. Contact us to find out more about our products.