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The Best Rigid Substrate for Both Internal and External Applications


PermaBase Cement Board is a rigid substrate made of real Portland cement, aggregate and fiberglass that provides a long-lasting surface, extremely resistant to moisture. With a solution for any application, PermaBase® range of products is perfectly suitable for Internal and External projects comprising flooring, walls, kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, and so forth. EdgeTech® technology sets the PermaBase® Cement Board apart from other brands allowing fasteners to be installed closer to the board’s edge and reducing damage from handling.

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products benefits:

Smooth finish and has no open edges, which reduces hand chafing

Will NOT rot, disintegrate or swell when exposed to water

Lifetime Limited Warranty on PermaBase® Interior Applications

Non-Combustible & Fire-rated

Tech info:

  • Thickness - Nominal

    1/2" (12.7 mm)

  • Weight - Nominal

    2.9 lbs./sq. ft. (14.2 k/m2)

  • Flexural strength

    ≥ 750 psi

  • Compressive strength

    1,250 psi

  • Wind load (Studs 16" o.c.)

    40 psf

  • Water sbsorption (% of Weight)

    < 8%

  • Thermal resistance

    R = .37, K = 2.7

  • Linear expansion with change moisture

    ≤ 0.07%

  • Fire resistance


  • Flame spread


  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

These exclusive PermaBase features translate to cost savings for you:

EdgeTech® Technology – This patented, reinforced edge allows fasteners to be installed closer to the board’s edge and reduces damage from handling.

Polystyrene Beads – Embedded in the PermaBase core, these beads
help to lighten the board’s weight, improve the ease of cutting, and create lower water absorption, preventing the mortar/finish adhesive from drying prematurely.

Guarantees lifetime warranty on interior applications & 15-year exterior warranty – the industry’s leading warranty.

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