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Certified Reinforced Radon Barrier


Memtech R1 is a flexible barrier used to seal the ground floor construction, perimeter walls and around service, against the passage of Radon, methane and carbon dioxide gases. Made of low-density polyethylene membrane, which is reinforced with a polypropylen grid, Memtech R1 also acts as a damp proof membrane (DPM) to protect the building against the ingress of moisture from the ground. This solution is perfectly suitable for both new and existing structures.

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products benefits:

Extremely flexible for ease of installation

High resistance to puncture

Best radon permeability on the market: 4.3 x 10-12m2/s

BBA Certified product

Tech info:

  • Thickness

    0.5 mm.

  • Resistance to static load

    20 kg

  • Material

    Low density reinforced polyethylene (LDPE)

  • Resistance to tearing (nail shank)

    MD: 400 N CMD: 350 N

  • Tensile strength – EN ISO 12311-1

    MD: 500 N/50mm CMD: 470 N/50mm

  • Tensile strength – Elongation to EN ISO 12311-1

    MD: 15%. CMD: 20%.

  • Puncture resistance

    1.04 kN

  • Radon permeability to K124/02/95

    4.3 x 10ˉ12

  • Methane permeability

    <514 ml/m2/day/atm

  • Carbon Dioxide permeability

    <514 ml/m2/day/atm

  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

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Ideal for all common ground floor constructions, including:

  •  Reinforced cast-in-situ (ground-supported) concrete floors.
  •  Suspended beam and block concrete floors.
  •  Pre-cast concrete slabs.
  • Can also be used above or below the slab (not subject to hydrostatic pressure).