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Torch On Capsheet with Mineral Finish


Pluvitec P4 Talc Capsheet is a pre-fabricated waterproofing membrane, long-lasting and flexible. It is made of distilled bitumen and elastoplastic polyolefin polymers (APP), and non-woven single strand composite polyester reinforcement and clay mineral Talc, which provides this torch on capsheet with very high mechanical characteristics and dimensional stability.

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products benefits:

Simplified application process

Increased surface walkability

Very high mechanical characteristics

Improved adhesion

Tech info:

  • Length

    10 m

  • Width


  • Thickness

    4 mm

  • Mass


  • Shear resistance L/T

    750 / 650 N/5 cm

  • Peel resistance of joints L/T

    45 / 45 N

  • Elongation at break L/T

    45 / 45%

  • Tensile strength L/T

    850 / 750 N/5 cm

  • Dimensional stability


  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

For the application of the membrane, the use of heat is generally used by means of a gas torch or specific hot air machine.


• the application surface must not have depressions, to avoid the ponding of rainwater

• allow this preparation layer to dry before proceeding with any other operation

• with prefabricated constructions, apply a suitable reinforcing strip along all joints