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Stunning Acoustic Vinyl Floor Designs


IVC Silento 50 Materials is a stunning heterogeneous acoustic vinyl floor that comprises designs options that go from woven texture to stone look. This entire collection is perfect for any space with the need for sound absorption, thanks to its 18dB acoustic backing. Additionally, 0.50mm wear-resistant layer assures high performance and durability even under the toughest conditions. Silento 50 Materials brings beauty, calm and class to your project

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products benefits:

Thanks to its 18dB acoustic backing, Silento 50 collection brings substantial noise reduction

All floors boast a 0.50mm wear-resistant layer that can handle the toughest conditions

Hyperguard+ PUR technology makes this heterogeneous vinyl floor extremely easy to maintain

Rated R10 under DIN 51130, Silento 50 boasts an excellent degree of slip-resistance

Tech info:

  • Total weight

    2198 g/m²

  • Wear layer

    0,50 mm

  • Wear layer treatment


  • Level of use

    23 - 33

  • Slip restraint


  • Acoustic insulation

    18 dB

  • Fireclass certificate


  • Electrical resistance

    10 9 Ohm

  • Thermal conductivity

    0,25 W/(m.K)

  • Acoustic insulation

    ΔLw 18 dB

  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

A function for every layer

A five-layer complex is fused into one strong whole, resulting in a robust combination of layers. Silento 50’s defining acoustic backing absorbs all sounds up to 18 dB, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere in any space. This prevents noise penetration to the room below your floor as well as ambient sound in the room itself. Moreover, every floor has an additional Hyperguard+ PUR protective polyurethane layer, safeguarding the floor from scratches, scuff marks and dirt.