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Unique Bulb Shaped Bulbus Door Handle on Round Rose


Fortessa Bulbus Door Handle is a distinctively round, bulb-shaped door handle that can stand out for its classic aesthetic as a versatile design for any interior design. It’s high shock and abrasion resistance also makes the handle suited to long term office use. Fortessa Bulbus Door Handle is available in both satin nickel and PVD brass finishes and has undergone testing at all stages of manufacture to meet DIN EN 1906 Interior Residential classification standards.

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products benefits:

Available in stunning silver and brass finish options

Treated with specialist lacquer to provide high shock and abrasion resistance

Unique bulb shaped handle suited for any interior project

High resistance to corrosion and scratches

Tech info:

  • Finish

    Satin nickel

  • Code


  • Lever base material

    Zinc alloy/zamak

  • Weight


  • Door thickness


  • DIN EN 1906 catagory of use

    Grade 1

  • Rotational torque


  • Axial load


  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

Fitting Instructions
Suitable for door thicknesses of 35-50mm

  1. Decide on left opening or right opening (see below).
  2.  Install escutcheons and terra as per drawing. Note; Leave screws slightly loose.
  3. Adjust position, to make sure the terra turn smoothly.

Cleaning Instructions

Always use a soft cloth. If necessary, you can humidify the soft cloth. If absolutely necessary on rare occasions you can use a PH neutral soap on a soft cloth but immediately after application, you should remove any soap with the help of a moist soft cloth. Under no circumstances should a hard tool (brush or wire metallic cloth), or an abrasive or acidic substance be used on the door terra.