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Easy to Apply and Reliable Pre-formed Bitumen Drain Outlets


Pluvitec Drain Outlets are manufactured to be reliable and economical.
As well as being 100% compatible with Pluvitec Torch On Membranes, Pluvitec Drain Outlets are pre-formed in polymer bitumen and do not require any complicated application procedures.
The adaptable drain outlets are also easy to torch in different situations which may arise on roofs, such as corners, and horizontal drains.
Our drain outlets are available in varying dimensions as well as a horizontal option.

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products benefits:

Easy and economical to apply

100% compatible with the polymer bitumen waterproofing membrane

Pre-formed in Bitumen and re-inforced in polyester

Easy to repair as they are made of polymer bitumen membrane

Tech info:

  • Material

    Pre-formed polymer bitumen

  • Hole type


  • Drain outlet 60: height; hole size

    230mm; 60mm

  • Drain outlet 80: height; hole size

    230mm; 80mm

  • Drain outlet 100: height; hole size

    270mm; 100nn

  • Drain outlet 120: height; hole size

    230mm; 120mm

  • Drain outlet 140: height; hole size

    230mm; 140mm

  • Horizontal drain outlet 100: height; hole size

    250mm/270mm; 100

  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!