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Pre-Formed Bituminous Roof Protection Board Modified with a Special Rigid Compound


Pluvitec Pre-formed Bituminous Protection Board is modified a special rigid compound to protect exposed waterproofing membranes from damage during backfilling procedures such as retaining walls, fixed pavements and cost concrete as well as during general construction traffic.
Pluvitec Protection Board is rot-proof as well as resistant to sulphates, chloride, phosphates and vapour transmission and can be used with all Pluvitec products as well as most commonly used waterproofing methods.
Available in a mineral slate finish as a walkway as well as a 6mm version as a supporting element.

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products benefits:

Compatible with most waterproofing methods

High puncture resistance

Resistant to sulphates, phosphates, vapour transmission and chloride

Not effected by repeat immersion

Tech info:

  • Type of compound


  • Dimensions


  • Thickness

    3.2mm; 4mm; 6mm

  • Softening ringball


  • Density


  • Penetration at 25°C


  • Mass x unit area

    4.8kg/m2; 5.9kg/m1; 9.3kg/m2

  • Static puncture resistance


  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

Uses of Pluvitec Protection Board:

1. Pluvitec Protection Board is used as a protective layer during backfilling for areas below the ground, for example, basements, foundation walls, etc.
2. Used to avoid damage during construction traffic.
3. Protects horizontal areas before laying of concrete, etc.
4. Protects the waterproofing layer of foundation walls, parking decks, terraces, flower boxes, concrete slabs, etc.
5. Protective walkway to avoid damage to waterproofing layer on roofs against foot traffic to inspect air conditioning units, machinery, etc.. Mineral slate finished version.
6. Can be used as a support element for the refurbishment of the waterproofing in the 6 mm version mechanically fixed.