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Hot Air Welded Internal & External Roofing Corners


Resitrix Roofing Corners are formed as two-dimensional prefabricated corners made from Resitrix SK W Full Bond. They are designed to secure the corners of Resitrix waterproofing membrane installations and are available in both internal and external options. Resitrix Roofing Corners comprise of a circle with a rounded cut-out, a full circle and an oval tongue. The individual pieces are hot air welded to the complete surface of the flashing strips resulting in a naked flame free installation.

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products benefits:

Fully bonds to the corners of flat roofs

Hot air weld applied

Available as internal and external corners

Suitable to Resitrix membrane installed roofs

Tech info:

  • Brand


  • Product

    Corner pieces

  • Colour


  • Corner type

    Internal; External

  • Application

    Hot air weld

  • Suitability

    Suitable for all Resitrix flat roof installations

  • Width

    Minimum of 18cm

  • Material

    Made from Resitrix SK or Resitrix SR

  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

When installing RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes, corners are formed using two-dimensional, preferably prefabricated corner pieces made from RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond or RESITRIX® SR for light coloured roofs. This method enables quick and convenient formation of internal and external corners. The shaped pieces comprise a circle with a rounded cut-out notch, a full circle and an oval tongue. The diameter and width of the section pieces should be approx. 18-20 cm.