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Glass-Fibre Reinforced Green Roofing Membrane


RENOLIT ALKORPLAN LA is a thermoplastic green roofing membrane made from flexible PVC-P with glass-fibre fleece reinforcement to act as the waterproofing membrane within the Alkor green roofing system. The membrane offers high root resistance passing the EN 13948 root resistance test and is considered a top-quality product within green roofing. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN LA is installed using tried and tested hot-air welding techniques in order to produce these watertight and root resistant joints.

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products benefits:

Passed the EN 13948 root resistance test

Provides top quality vapour diffusion resistance

Reinforced with glass-fibre fleece

Backed by a 300g/m² polyester fleece

Tech info:

  • Tensile strength

    ≥ 500N/50mm

  • Elongation at break

    ≥ 2

  • Dimensional stability

    ≤ 0.1%

  • Cold Crack Temperature

    ≥ 150N

  • Tear strength

    ≥ 150N

  • Delamination strength

    ≥ 150N/50mm

  • Vapour diffusion resistance


  • Resistance to static performance


  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

Thermoplastic roofing membrane of flexible PVC-P, glass-fibre fleece reinforced and backed with a 300g/m² polyester fleece. Successfully passed the FLL root resistance test.

Store dry. Rolls to be parallel and in original packing where possible, do not stack in cross form or under pressure. Alkorplan LA is delivered in rolls. Every delivery may contain up to 10% of short rolls (min. length : 8 m)