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Cold-Applied, High Performance Self-Adhesive Vapour Barrier


Alutrix 600 Vapour Barrier is cold applied and offers high performance and versatility making it the ideal solution for many building industry applications. It is suitable for all internal conditions, including very high humidity and is particularly beneficial when used on profiled metal decking.
The quick to install vapour barrier creates both an airtight and vapour-tight seal that abides by Energy Conservation Regulations and offers high resistance to tearing and foot trafficking.

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products benefits:

Offers a very high tear resistance

Cold applied and vapour proof

Creates an airtight seal that abides to Energy Conservation Regulations

Suitable for most extreme internal conditions

Tech info:

  • Overall thickness


  • Weight


  • Palletisation

    20 rolls

  • Roll length

    40 m

  • Roll width

    1.08 m

  • Tensile strength

    ≥800 / 700 N/ 5 cm

  • Resistance to tearing

    200 N

  • Watertightness

    EN 1928 standard - tight

  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

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Substrate requirements:

  • Dry, sound and flat
  • Free from dust, grease, frost and dew
  • Without tension or blisters
  • Smooth and clean

For detailing information or application advice on individual projects, please refer to the ALUTRIX® Installation Guide, or consult with our technical department.