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High Performance, Composite Foil Faced Kingspan Insulation Board


Thermaroof TR26 offers top quality Kingspan Insulation for flat roofs that can be waterproofed within a mechanically fixed single-ply waterproofing system. The rigid thermoset insulation board is composite foil faced and easy to handle and install, suitable to most green roof systems as well as resistant to the passage of water vapour. Kingspan Insulation’s Thermaroof TR 26 is equally as ideal for refurbishment projects as well as new builds and offers a thermal conductivity level of 0.022W/m.K.

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products benefits:

FM approved for Class 1 steel deck roof assemblies

Fully compatible with most mechanically fixed single-ply waterproofing systems

Water vapour passage resistant

Thermal conductivity levels as low as 0.022W/m.K

Tech info:

  • Insulant Thickness; U-Values

    135mm; 0.15W/m2.K

  • Insulant Thickness; U-Values

    140mm; 0.14W/m2.K

  • Insulant Thickness; U-Values

    150mm; 0.14W/m2.K

  • Insulant Thickness; U-Values

    75 + 80*mm; 0.13W/m2.K

  • Insulant Thickness; U-Values

    135mm; 0.13W/m2.K

  • Insulant Thickness; U-Values

    80 + 85* mm; 0.12W/m2.K

  • Insulant Thickness; U-Values

    90 + 90* mm; 0.11W/m2.K

  • Insulant Thickness; U-Values

    100 + 100*mm; 0.10W/m2.K

  • Full Information:

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More Info

U-value Assumptions
The U−values in the tables have been calculated, under a management system certified to the BBA Scheme for Assessing the Competency of Persons to Undertake U–value and Condensation Risk Calculations, using the method detailed in BS EN ISO 6946: 2017 / I.S. EN ISO 6946: 2007 (Building components and building elements. Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance. Calculation methods), and using the conventions set out in BR 443 (Conventions for U−value calculations). They are valid for the constructions shown in the details immediately above each table. These examples are based on Kingspan Thermaroof TR26. The insulation board is mechanically fixed through
a sealed onto a concrete deck.