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Synthetic Waterproof Profile System that Imitates Aluminium, Zinc, Copper and Lead Finishes


RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Design profile system is a low cost, light-weight and hot air-welded waterproofing system designed to aesthetically imitate metal. Consisting of the standard RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F PVC-P roofing membrane and extruded Renolit Alkorplan PVC-P profiles hot-air welded to the roofing membrane, it is a perfect simulation of standing seam and lead roll roofs. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Design system provides top-quality waterproofing and adding an excellent aesthetic design to horizontal, vertical and curved roofs.

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products benefits:

Fast installation process reduces installation costs by up to 40%

NO NAKED FLAME during installation

Offers secure waterproofing in slopes and contours

Renolit Alkordesign is available in 4 different colours

Tech info:

  • Type of film

    Calendered/laminated membrane of flexible PVC with woven polyester reinforcing. Conforms to UEAtc guidelines

  • Material


  • Roof system

    Mechanically fixed

  • Film thickness

    1,2 mm; 1,5 mm

  • Film width

    1,05 m; 1,60 m; 2,10 m

  • Roll length

    20 m; 25 m; 15 m

  • Tear strength

    L: 603N T: 608N

  • Resistance to static perforation


  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

With a safe and fast installation as well as high flexibility, the Renolit Alkordesign system allows slopes, valleys, and contours to be easily waterproofed as well.


Used as waterproofing membrane within mechanically restrained systems.