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Durable & Long Lasting Standing Seam Metal Roofing


Arkzip Profiles are durable standing seam metal roofing profiles that are available in a range of different profile widths and depths as well as available In straight, curved and tapered options making it easy to find the ideal profile a wide variety of project ideas. Arkzip is a mechanically zipped metal roofing profile available in both aluminium and steel options and production is on-site at ground or eaves level or directly in the factory depending on the requirements.

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products benefits:

Life expectancy of up to 40 years

Water tight and sealant free seaming

Available in aluminium and steel

Natural curve to 40m minimum radius

Tech info:

  • Material options

    Aluminium; steel

  • Depth options

    65mm; 50mm

  • Application type

    Mechanically zipped standing seamed

  • Reaction to fire

    Class A1

  • Straight sheet gauge

    435mm; 400mm; 430mm; 460mm

  • Factory curved sheet gauge

    435mm; 400mm; 430mm; 460mm

  • Site curved sheet gaugh

    440mm; 405mm; 435mm; 465mm

  • Weight

    7.54kg/m2; 3.57kg/m2; 3.36kg/m2; 7.54kg/m2; 7.8kg/m2; 7.64kg/m2

  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

Fastener frequency

Halters at every rib, every spacer/purlin. Side laps, mechanically seamed, no sealant fixed point at one position within sheet length

Installation key requirements

Refer to ARKzip installation guidelines
Halter brackets have 2No 304 grade stainless steel fasteners plus an isolating EPDM seal.
Isolate aluminium from galvanised steel. ARKzip requires a single fixed point per sheet, normally at the ridge or crown of a curved roof. Zip sheets as laid. Increase halter gauge by 5mm for natural curve sheets. Note impact of AZ65/400 module Vs liner if rooflights to be installed. Set zipping tool to 20mm rib top diameter. Use stainless steel tooling for stucco, nylon for painted finishes. Close ribs by hand pliers at each sheet end before zipping. Protect pre-painted sheet finishes with a rib cloth, walk on ARKzip ribs, use ARKzip ridge/ eaves and verge detailing and components. Allow 1.2xLmm, min 20mm gap at eaves stiffener angle. Turn sheets down at eaves at pitches < 10°