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Mechanically Fixed Roofing Membrane


RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F is a quick and effective roofing method for all buildings, made of thermoplastic PVC-P, the membrane provides excellent impermeability in variable conditions. This is a highly recommended solution due to its simplicity of installation, durability and strength. Furthermore, the mechanically fastened roofing system, ALKORPLAN F, results in a robust and aesthetically attractive finish.

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products benefits:

Thermal insulation

Over 40 years of life expectancy

No naked flames for installation

PVC is a recycled material

Tech info:

  • Type of film

    Flexible synthetic membrane with woven polyester reinforcement for roofing applications

  • Material


  • Roof system

    Mechanically fixed

  • Film thickness

    1,2 mm; 1,5 mm

  • Film width

    1,05 m; 1,60 m; 2,10 m

  • Roll length

    20 m; 25 m; 15 m

  • Tear strength

    L: 603N T: 608N

  • Resistance to static perforation


  • Full Information:

    Check out the full
    datasheet available in
    the Downloads section!

More Info

Used as waterproofing membrane within mechanically restrained systems.

•Flat and sloped roofs

•Renovation & New build

•Surface finish

•Smooth or embossed

•Varnish finish / Clearcoat (Renolit Alkorbright)

Before the waterproofing membrane is installed, the roof deck has to be free of irregularities, water, frost, ice and debris such as screws, metal off-cuts, etc.